Outer Limits Adventure was built to pass on our passion for outdoor adventure. We help people create an active and adventurous lifestyle and give them the opportunity to explore their “outer limits” through outdoor adventure sport.
We create the adventure, you live it!


What our clients think of us:

Christy Guinea

“I’ve been training with Sam at Outer Limits Adventure Fitness for almost a year.

In that time I’ve had PT sessions with Sam, attended boot camps, trail runs, paddling sessions and multi sport events.

Sam is a great trainer and can always be seen participating in sessions to give maximum support to trainees. This is a big deal for me as I’m not a fan of being yelled at by stationary trainers.

During my time training with Sam I have pushed myself well out of my comfort zone and while I am slow, I have learnt plenty of skills and strategies to help me compete and always have fun- an easy task with the great Outer Limits family supporting me.

As someone who was an absolute beginner 2 years ago, Sam gave me all of the support,  information and training I needed to improve my fitness while still having fun.

During my time training with Sam I’ve completed 2 Taste of Adventurethon Events and this year stepped up to the Enduro. I’ve also completed the Paluma Push, a half marathon, Tough Mudder and participated in the Ocean Paddle Series.”



Luke Smythe

“As I was already strong in mountain bike riding and paddling I started running in January 2013 in preparation for the Ultra event at the Magnetic Island Adventurethon. I was also going to Outer Limits Friday morning multi sport sessions at Rossiter Park. I was ecstatic to have come 1st in the Open Men’s division and this made me determined to keep my training up and hopefully compete with the Elites the following year. I continued entering mountain bike races, paddling events and trail running events throughout the year but my next goal was to compete in 3 Marathons in 3 Days in Kuranda where I got 2nd place in Open Men’s. As I was by now hooked on trail running I then set out to complete my first Ultra Marathon by the end of the year which was Spiny Cray 58km.

I started 2014 with the Ultra at Magnetic Island Adventurethon and came 2nd behind Sam in the Elites. My main focus for this year is the TNF 100km in the Blue Mountains. I have really enjoyed the weekly Outer Limit sessions, be it trail running, boot camp or multi sport training. Sam and the team are very supportive, making training enjoyable and encourage each individual to achieve their goal.  The training sessions can be challenging for any fitness level – from beginners to the serious racers. I have found Sam’s racing knowledge invaluable whether it is diet, racing strategies, training tips, race gear etc.

My long term goals are to complete a 100 mile trail run and an XPD Adventure Race. In the mean time I’ll just keep training.”


Yvette Everingham

“I saw an advertisement for the Magnetic Island Adventurethon at the gym. This required paddling, mountain biking and trail running. The distances seemed so long even for the shortest event. I searched Google to identify where one goes to get this type of training. I discovered that Outer Limits will expose you to all three elements. I emailed Sam to warn that I would be slow, but I would get there eventually. He encouraged me to come along and ensured me that his sessions cater for a wide range of abilities. I did not believe him, but I went along anyway and discovered that he was not kidding. His sessions do actually cater for a diverse range of abilities. Sam is a fantastic coach and his one-on-one PT sessions are well worth the investment. He also took the whole team to Magnetic Island to help prepare us for the Adventurethon – I learnt so much from that single session. I competed in the Taste of Adventurethon and was surprised how well I did.   I hope to become more technically confident at mulitsport disciplines and it is a total pleasure to train with a group that simply like, that you like their sport, regardless of your ability.”


Kathryn Konidis

“Anyone who doesn’t like the “4 walls” inside a gym with lots of gym junkies ……. book in with the Outer Limits crew!

Such a fantastic way to exercise – taking advantage of our perfect weather all year round in the great outdoors.

It is so obvious Sam loves what he does, participating himself at the sessions, always there for encouragement and of course to assist with achieving your fitness targets and goals.

Last year I looked at the Adventurethon on Magnetic Island but had no idea what I was in for and thought I had better look into a more “specific” training schedule, so I signed up with Sam and did some of his multi sport sessions and fell in love with the whole concept  – I am becoming an addict!! Since then, I have remained one of his clients (although Sam builds such great relationships with all of his clients – I think it is more a “family” now) attending regular sessions. I again tackled the larger Endurothon this year over on Maggie but could not have  achieved this without the guidance, support and encouragement from Sam – thank you.

If you enjoy outdoor fitness – love to paddle, trail run and mountain bike, book in with Outer Limits – you will not look back!!!”


George Fitonis

“I just did my first Outer Limits trail run (13km) on the weekend at Alligator Creek and loved every step of it, congratulations it was fantastic. I’m hooked, the crew I ran with (also newbies) also loved it and we’ve been telling all our friends about it with the ambition of getting an even larger crew over to Maggie Island and taking on the 20km course.”


Leonie Norris

“Just did my first morning workout with Outer Limits Adventure Fitness. OMG FANTASTIC!! Sam & his team were BRILLIANT!!! Super supportive & guided us all along the way. I can’t wait to do it all again. If you are looking for something a little different have a look on their webpage. Today I did bike riding, kayaking, obstacle course & tube swimming, it was a really good morning and so much FUN!!!”



Sussanah Darcy

“Love you 12WBTers, 12 months ago I never would have dreamed of being in a team, let alone winning something that involved running, riding, swimming etc. Thank you Brandi & Tania for the supportive push to work harder and Sam Stedman & the Outer Limits team for creating events that empower women!”




Leanne Caddies

Kokoda Challenge 2012best-friends_med

“When Sam said we should do something special to celebrate my 34th birthday I thought we might do champagne, cheese, cake that sort of thing, how wrong was I. I came back from a short holiday and was informed that we had all been signed up as a team: Sam, Costa, Joanne and myself to do the Kokoda Challenge! After we found out what it was all about, my first instinct was to run (but we all know I don’t run). Why on earth would two fit young boys pick a couple of mummy’s to do such a big event with, I will never understand, 96 kilometers in the Nerang Hinterland in under 39 hours.

So we started training, we had to walk up Castle Hill so many times I lost count and I didn’t know there were so many different ways to get up 1 hill. Mt Stuart was also on the radar and night time walks after work back up Castle hill in the dark. Alligator Creek in the dark was just beautiful, the stars, the waterfall, but nothing can prepare you for what was the hardest walk I have ever been on.

I think I wanted to quit before we even made it to the first check point, the hills were just so step and made of clay! Yes clay, I had to hang on to trees so I didn’t slide back down to the start, but Sam was there telling me I could do it. Sam’s advice on what to wear (there were people in Dunlop Volley’s and ankle sock’s WTF), what to eat (don’t get his recipe for spag bog), hydration and how to look after your feet (your new best friends), are what gave us the edge over a lot of other teams that seemed to be dropping like flies. Cramps can be a real killer, but we did not get any thanks to Sam’s knowledge, he did help a lot of people along the way that were suffering really bad with cramps and exhaustion.

Don’t get me wrong, we were in a lot of pain by the end of the 96km, coming in 22nd in a field of 116 in 26 hours and 8 minutes, but we made it in one piece and the whole team crossed the finish line together.

Wonder what we will do next year when I turn 35?”